Product Photography for Advertising & E-commerce

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product. Product photography is meant for selling products. Product photography involves capturing a single product with a plain background to remove any distractions and focus the viewer’s attention on the product. It is used in various advertisements via different

SRK Creative – A Professional Fashion Photography Company

SRK Creative is a professional photography solution company galvanized to deliver value to its clients. We provide high quality photography solutions to our client that ensures that they successfully achieve business goals. Our Digital photography facilitates by providing high end state-of-art-photo studio, on location or on site professional shooting for corporate, advertising, industrial, editorial, retail

What is the Difference Between Commercial Photography and Fashion Photography

Both Fashion Photography and Commercial Photography belongs to a category of professional photography known as Advertising Photography but they are different from each other as end results aimed. The commercial photography is aimed at selling product while Fashion Photography aims to sells a lifestyle.

Celebrity Fashion Trends and Style Glamour

Celebrities are always in the middle of fashion trends.  Mostly they are directly involved in creating or actively following happening fashion trends of their time. Their role in fueling periodic fashion trends often enables them stays on top of celebrity fashion. In a way celebrities today project to people what trends they should be following

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Thank you so much for visiting this Blog. The SRK Creative is a digital photography facility that specialises in providing high end state-of-art photo studio, on-site and on-location professional shooting services to corporate, advertising, editorial, industrial, retail and commercial clients. On SRK Creative Blog section we plan to showcase all exciting stories about the latest
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