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Essential Photography Equipments

Photography is an art of taking and processing photographs. Photography is not only limited to close up or portrait photography, but also includes fashion photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, product photography, etc. Thus capturing beautiful shots, photographers makes their mark. Many people assume that a great camera will take a great pictures. But

Catalog Photo Shoot for Designer & Stylish Sherwani

Indian fashion hub offers amazing options for men. There are variety of traditional wedding attires like kurtas, suits, achkans, etc. but Sherwani always remains very special. Catalog shoot is something that stands out and makes an impression in your customers mind. It helps the company to promote their products. Importantly catalogs are used to display

Portfolio Shoot for Stylish Designer Saree

Saree is one of the phenomenal dresses worn by Indian woman. It represents Indian culture and tradition, symbolizing Indian customs throughout the globe. Saree makes woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and very sensuous. Draping a Saree naturally brings out gorgeous side of a woman. A portfolio shoot can be done for fashion, beauty, commercial &

SRK CREATIVE – Kids Modeling Photo Shoot

Kid’s modeling is becoming more popular these days. Child models are widely used for commercial purpose such as to advertise and promote commercial products or to serve as a subject of works of art, like photography, painting and sculpture. Nowadays kids are becoming smarter & confident to face the camera, thus it is easy to

SRK Creative – A Professional Fashion Photography Company

SRK Creative is a professional photography solution company galvanized to deliver value to its clients. We provide high quality photography solutions to our client that ensures that they successfully achieve business goals. Our Digital photography facilitates by providing high end state-of-art-photo studio, on location or on site professional shooting for corporate, advertising, industrial, editorial, retail

SRK Catalog Photo Shoot of Trendy Designer Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez suit is one of the beautiful and elegant traditional Indian fashion clothing. India has been known to have wonderful dress & costumes, with its various dressing styles by many variations, both religious and regional. With globalization, dresses are getting westernized, apart from this Indian traditional Salwar Kameez outfit has gained popularity among

SRK Catalog Photo Shoot of Designer Salwar Kameez

The gracious Salwar Kameez dress is a beautiful and elegant traditional Indian fashion clothing meant for special and casual occasions alike. The Salwar Kameez dress for women is closely associated to the women of Punjab and is often casually called Punjabi Dress. Traditional Indian Wear In addition to wedding and some special occasions, the traditional

Celebrity Fashion Trends and Style Glamour

Celebrities are always in the middle of fashion trends.  Mostly they are directly involved in creating or actively following happening fashion trends of their time. Their role in fueling periodic fashion trends often enables them stays on top of celebrity fashion. In a way celebrities today project to people what trends they should be following

SRK Designer Saree Catalog Shoot

Saree is India’s national dress for women and it unquestionably is one of the most elegant attires for woman for special and casual occasions alike. Indian women looks most graceful, elegant and sensuous in colorful designer Saree which has always been considered auspicious during the wedding ceremonies. There are different types of Indian Sarees available

SRK Catalog Photo Shoot of Designer Anarkali Dress

A long female Kurta that features a bell shaped bottom is generally being called Anarkali Dress. Usually with a Churidar style bottom, the Anarkali dress features large pleats flowing around bottom portion like an umbrella. Owing its name to a famous courtesan in the court of a great Mughal emperor, the styling of the Anarkali
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