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Essential Photography Equipments

Photography is an art of taking and processing photographs. Photography is not only limited to close up or portrait photography, but also includes fashion photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, product photography, etc. Thus capturing beautiful shots, photographers makes their mark. Many people assume that a great camera will take a great pictures. But

Choose Camera Lenses to Capture an Expressive Qualities of the World Around Us

A lens is what your camera used to focus on a subject or scene. The camera lens captures the light from the subject and brings it to focus on the sensor of a digital camera. Camera lenses come in focal lengths or zooms, which covers a range of focal lengths. A camera lens also known

Offset Printing- The Best Quality Printing

Offset printing is a highest quality printing in the industry. This technique is often used in which the linked images are transferred (or offset) from a metal plates to a rubber blankets or rollers and then to the printing surface. Usually paper does not come into direct contact with the metal plates. The rubber blanket

SRK Creative – A Professional Fashion Photography Company

SRK Creative is a professional photography solution company galvanized to deliver value to its clients. We provide high quality photography solutions to our client that ensures that they successfully achieve business goals. Our Digital photography facilitates by providing high end state-of-art-photo studio, on location or on site professional shooting for corporate, advertising, industrial, editorial, retail

SRK Creative Shares Their Experience with Windows 7

In this video, SRK Creative shares their experience with Windows 7 operating system, shot by Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions:
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