Essential Photography Equipments

Photography is an art of taking and processing photographs. Photography is not only limited to close up or portrait photography, but also includes fashion photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, product photography, etc. Thus capturing beautiful shots, photographers makes their mark.

Many people assume that a great camera will take a great pictures. But in fact a great photographer can take superlative photos using any kind of camera. A great camera in unskilled hands will still deliver average photos. Thus investing the big bucks in high end gear, take a time to learn the skills initially.

Before the photo-shoot, a photographer has to consider the locations, natural light, background and also the climate or weather condition that he has to deal with. The photographer has to be prepared with all the important photographic equipments and other protective essential items.


Essential Equipments


Here is a list of few photography essentials which are aid to take great photographs.

  • In order to take a beautiful pictures you will obviously need that little gadget that actually takes the snapshots. A good quality DSLR Camera is the base of a quality photography toolkit. Always carry at least 2 camera bodies. In case one shuts down or quits working, its better to have an extra cam.


  • Tripod is one of the essential photography accessory which allows the photographer a lot of versatility. It helps to keep the camera incredibly still in order to get a sharp and clear photographs. Especially clicking pictures of waterfalls, rivers, etc.


  • The photographer have choice for choosing lenses, depending on the type of photography offered. Fast shutters are great for low light situations. Telephoto Zoom Lens are great for bird & wildlife photography. Macro Lens are ideal for close-up photography photos of flowers & bugs, etc. Wide-Angle Lens are much like the macro/micro lenses, specialty lenses that deliver a specific purpose. These lenses allows to get comparatively much more of the scene in the photograph.


  • Always carry spare batteries for your camera and ensure they are all charged before you leave for a shoot.


  • The photographer must carry extra memory cards. Do not cover entire event or shoot in a single card, the entire shoot images may be unrecoverable in case of any error. Better to have extra or variety of cards to cover different segments of your shoot.


  • Depending on photography specialization, photographer need to have at least one on-camera flash unit & at least one stand alone flash unit for a more controlled light source. There may be need to carry lighting kits including: power sources, lights, softboxes, umbrellas, filters, reflectors, light stands, etc.


  • A heavier duty camera bag or storage cases will allows photographer to safely keep camera, batteries, lenses, filters and everything else which need to carry with him. Storage cases are very important for those photographers that shoots on locations and it allows to take quick look on equipments before winding up and leaving a location.

“Its matters little how much equipments we use; it matters much that we be masters of all we do use.” – Sam Abell

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