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SRK Creative – A Professional Fashion Photography Company

SRK Creative is a professional photography solution company galvanized to deliver value to its clients. We provide high quality photography solutions to our client that ensures that they successfully achieve business goals. Our Digital photography facilitates by providing high end state-of-art-photo studio, on location or on site professional shooting for corporate, advertising, industrial, editorial, retail

Important Techniques Applied in Jewellery Photography – Useful Tips

Jewellery is something that the people wear to enhance the beauty. Jewels such as rings, necklace, bangles, earrings, bracelets, pendants, hairpins, etc are included in jewellery. Such ornaments are made up of various things or metals, these things include gold, silver, diamond, beads, gemstones, titanium, palladium, white gold, shells etc. which has reflective qualities that

OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY- different shades of nature & delightful moments of life captured in single click

Shooting the outdoors is extremely enjoyable and entertaining. Whether you’re traveling, enjoying a backyard barbecue, or documenting your graduate’s moment of glory, everyone end up with outdoor photo shoot portraits. Weather & Natural lighting conditions plays vital role in outdoor photography. Good lighting can be found anywhere outside. But taking a portrait outside opens up

Mirror of Indian Conventional Men’s Wear

Everybody is familiar with the exquisite variety in women’s Indian fashion wear but the Indian fashion world offers amazing options for men as well. Indian men’s clothing is comfortable and versatile and there is lot of options for different occasions. In India there are various styles of dressing for men’s with vast options for traditional

SRK Catalog Photo Shoot of Swanky Designer Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is one of the popular & graceful traditional attire of India. It is the most comfortable & authentic wear for women. Salwar Kameez is a traditional wear of Punjab. This graceful outfit is comprises of a tunic top known as Kameez, a pair of trousers called as Salwar & a stole known as

Candid Photography to Capture Unplanned, Natural Expressions & Emotions in Realistic Form

Candid photography captures the natural expressions of subject in purest form. Candid photography is a new style of photography in which photograph is captured through motion, mostly without creating a posed appearance i.e., catching on very fast and increasingly becoming popular both in casual photography & formal photography. Candid photography is photography that focuses on

Indian Traditional Wears which Complements the Beauty of Women

The Traditional Indian clothing takes us close to Indian cultural roots and reminds us of the memorable past. Indian attire is well-known throughout the world, for its ethnic wears; perfectly represent the richness & excitement of the cultural heritage. India is multi states & cultural country.It has a great multiplicity in terms of fabrics, colours,
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