Indian Sherwani – Most Popular Wedding Attire for Men

The Indian Sherwani is a long length coat, usually knee height, that resembles a lot like traditional Achkan in styling having Nehru collar and typically has buttons up to the collar.  As a traditional attire, it adds to the charm and grace of taller men, and is a preferred choice of attire by men for

Stylish Sherwani For Men as Wedding Attire

Every groom dreams of having a wonderful stylish wedding dressing attires on their special day of their life. Now a days groom makes extra efforts to carefully choose glamorous dressing attires that can draws praise and admiration on the auspicious occasion including wedding reception. This year, Sherwani trend has caught the fancy of the fashion

How to Succeed in Fashion Modeling Industry with Professional Fashion Model Photographer

Fashion photography has been in existence since the earliest days of photography. People across the world are influenced by the latest fashion trends. A trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time. Fashion model photography has always been tremendous influence in generating most of the excitement among people to be in-style.

What is the Difference Between Commercial Photography and Fashion Photography

Both Fashion Photography and Commercial Photography belongs to a category of professional photography known as Advertising Photography but they are different from each other as end results aimed. The commercial photography is aimed at selling product while Fashion Photography aims to sells a lifestyle.

Professional Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a method of photography that is devoted to showcasing the designer clothing, jewellery and other fashion products creating beautiful eye-catching and dynamic photos which attract the world.

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