SRK Saree Catalog Photo Shoot

Without question, Saree is India’s national dress for women and it has distinction of one of the most elegant attires for woman for all occasions. Indian women looks most graceful, stylish, elegant and very sensuous in colorful Saree. There are different types of Indian Sarees available in market today, from exclusive wedding bridal sarees to every day wear colorful Sarees which are often made of chiffon, georgette, velvet, net or crepe.

Each and every region of India has its own uniqueness in the saree style and draping design. Konard saree, Chettinand saree, Mysore silk saree are some of the popular varieties of sarees from south India. Some famous sarees from north India includes Banarasi saree, Kota Doira saree, Sikargarh brocade saree, tissue saree, and Jamavar saree.

Designer Saree Catalog Shoot

This gallery features a range of beautiful designer Sarees that women prefer to wear on all occasions.

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