Candid Photography to Capture Unplanned, Natural Expressions & Emotions in Realistic Form

Candid photography captures the natural expressions of subject in purest form. Candid photography is a new style of photography in which photograph is captured through motion, mostly without creating a posed appearance i.e., catching on very fast and increasingly becoming popular both in casual photography & formal photography.

5-candid-photography.previewCandid photography is photography that focuses on spontaneity rather than technique. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject & by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos. But because of their elusive nature, it can be arduous to capture these ephemeral moments.



A Candid photo is essentially a photo of a person or a group of people that is imposed. Candid photography was historically associated with the grainy, high contrast images that result from these unconventional photography techniques in inadequate indoor lighting. It requires use of available light since flash alerts subjects to the camera and may distract them, causing them to become self conscious & stage their photo appearance rather than behaving naturally. Thus, initially candid photography took place outdoors, where there is ample of sun light.

Introducing digital cameras has made it easier to take snapshots in low light conditions without flash, allowing for clean, saturated images in even dim light. Camera equipment is usually small in size preferred for candid photography to avoid any disturbance to the subject.

candid_wedding_photography-26102Stepping away from the traditional style of wedding photography, brides & grooms now wish for exclusive & unique wedding pictures that they can adore for life.

Candid photography increasingly gaining popularity among brides & grooms as it is an absolutely dramatic way of capturing a special wedding day with lot of things happening so fast.


Candid photography is one of the enjoyable styles of capturing the spontaneous moments and grabs those perfect snapshots at the right time. In short, Candid photography presents the warm & loving moments as well as the moments of laughter and fun which are phenomenal “slices of life”.

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