Outdoor Fashion Shoot – Few Essential Tips

SRK Creative, as a professional fashion photography company, regularly engage in wide range of commercial outdoor fashion shoots for showcasing latest fashion clothes and accessories for our clients. Such outdoor fashion shoots require exotic and happening locations and we work hard to choose the most sought-after film and photo locations across the world.

Generally such outdoor shoots involves female clothes and dress materials in addition to traditional and designer Sarees. The outdoor fashion shoots involves highest standards of professional photography (or videography) and generally also include all other choices on client’s behalf such as makeup, materials, location and logistics etc.


Here are some of the lessons we have learned during our extensive outdoor fashion shooting experience that has helped us improve and deliver increasingly better product to our clients:

  1. Planning: We start with an plan meticulously prepared and documented that includes every aspect of the outdoor location fashion shooting needs. We also prepare an exhaustive list of specific shots we would want to capture under various lighting conditions. Having such a shooting plan in hand before actual start the project was invaluable to us in systematically executing the all the shots efficiently.
  2. outdoor-11-smallScouting location: We spend a great deal of time scouting all sought after and happening locations across the world which we find would help highlight the product we intent to shoot. We also spend a great deal of time assessing the lighting conditions at various times at these locations which is critical to get right feel of the picture. We finally zero in on a location (along with a backup location, in case something goes wrong) that we think would be most suitable for the shooting before finalizing the same with client.
  3. Dressing and makeups: We decided to nurture our own dedicated team of stylists and makeup artists who brings years of specialist training in executing their responsibilities flawlessly. Together these professionals are able to work some amazing magic by making the models look great.
  4. Lighting: To get the exact shade of light, we try to make extensive use of slaved flashes, reflectors and diffusers, even in outdoor locations. All this are extremely effective for delivering a nice and uniform light on our models and subjects enabling proper highlighting. We also use standard diffuser for making the available light a little less harsh.

Our outdoor Shooting team comprises of experienced, mature and proven international industry professionals from relevant fields who will do anything possible to make sure clients’ productions are successful. The team also offers location related services for productions shooting.



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