OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY- different shades of nature & delightful moments of life captured in single click

Shooting the outdoors is extremely enjoyable and entertaining. Whether you’re traveling, enjoying a backyard barbecue, or documenting your graduate’s moment of glory, everyone end up with outdoor photo shoot portraits. Weather & Natural lighting conditions plays vital role in outdoor photography.

Good lighting can be found anywhere outside. But taking a portrait outside opens up a whole set of difficulties. Inside you can control the light but outside you have to control how the light hits your subject. Never shoots in direct mid day sunlight, which is one of the important rules in photography. If the subject has the direct sunlight right on it, it’s very difficult to get a good picture.

Rain forest

Rainforests are perfect locations to spend time with your camera.

Take an advantage of bright sun, camp fires & night time flash of you camera for photographing day & night natural scenery. Visiting National parks can give you wonderful view of nature. Trekking or camping in forest can give you a marvelous experience of capturing snapshots of mountains, lakes, valley of flowers, sunrise, sunset, wildlife as well as awesome & mysterious photos at night.

Well said by Mark Riboud- “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely every hundredth of a second.”


Except natural or wildlife photography, Outdoor Photography also includes portraying candid and formal pictures of people, fun time spend with friends & family, models photo shoot, urban landscapes, landmarks & historical structures, architecture, beaches, underwater photography, news, events, sports, etc.

Outdoor photography is an art of capturing snapshots in open location or spot, covering all four seasons. It helps to capture and preserves the unforgettable memories such as family tour or picnic, wedding etc. It captures the natural beauty of location, events. When it comes to outdoor photography, anytime of the year can turnout fantastic and dynamic photos.

No place is boring if you’ve camera in your hand & a pocket full of unexposed venue.

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